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Electronic 1628 Module Training


Training is held every Thursday at 2PM and users should join at that date and time.

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Meeting ID: 224 413 623 387

Passcode: dycL27

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+1 850-792-1375,,903480418# United States, Tallahassee

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Phone conference ID: 903 480 418#

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Video ID: 118 222 962 7

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Step 2 – ACCESS REQUEST (after training completion) 

As part of our ongoing commitment to maintaining the highest standards of data security, access control, in compliance with DOH Information Security and Privacy Policy (DOHP 50-10-16),  and t o ensure that our records accurately reflect your role and assigned Facility/Facilities, we kindly request that you complete, print, scan and email to: - - the attached CTLS Access Request Form.  This form is designed to collect essential information regarding your access requirements and permissions within the CTLS Azure application.



Submit an Event

If you are a Registered HIV Testing Site in Miami-Dade County and have an event you'd like us to post on our event calendar, submit your event here.

*** Please note, all events are posted within (10) business days.***

Counseling, Testing & Linkage (CTL)

If you are interested in becoming a Registered HIV Testing Site in Miami-Dade County, please contact Sandra Estevez, Early Intervention Consultant at or (305) 710-5512.

HIV Linkage to Care Resources

HIV Case Reporting

Rapid HIV Test Kit Orders

Please print, scan and email form to Include name(s) of current certified counselors in the test brand requested.

Rapid HCV Test Kit Forms

* For OraQuick HCV orders, please email:



HIV/AIDS 500/501 Course (virtual online)

Each participant must click on the Pre-Registration link, select dates, and fill out the form. Complete the Participant Agreement Disclaimer and take the two Online Course pre-requisites prior to the final registration for the two-day virtual HIV/AIDS 500/501 course: (1) FDOH HIV/AIDS 500 The Basics of HIV/AIDS Counseling, Testing and Linkage and (2) FDOH HIV/AIDS 501 Prevention Counseling, Testing and Linkage. The participant must have completed the HIV/AIDS 500 Online and HIV/AIDS 501 Online courses no longer than six months prior to registration. Both certificates of completion from online courses and Participant Agreement Disclaimer are required to be sent together with pre-registration form before you receive the final registration. Please scan and email all documents to (We no longer accept requests filled out by supervisor/managers)

Registration deadline is one week prior to training unless training reaches capacity. Once complete, you will receive an email with the location of the training.

This is a 2day virtual online training from 9 AM - 1 PM each day. You must be in attendance and be able to participate in all activities which includes the use of cameras, microphones, polls, and chats. If you do not have access to these requirements please send me an email to select a new date (no sharing computers). Those coming in late at the beginning or those leaving early will be asked to leave and repeat the training at an alternative date. Please remind your supervisor/manager that you cannot do other work while in training. Remember this is for certification. If you are away from the training for more than a few minutes, you will also be asked to leave and select an alternative date. You must take both days for the dates selected as they cannot be split up, if you cannot attend the second day even after attending the first day, you will be asked to repeat the entire training at one time.   All post-training (practicum) requirements need to be completed within 60 days of the HIV/AIDS 500/501 in-person training. All counselors will observe and perform a minimum of one pre-test counseling session, one HIV-negative post-test counseling session and one HIV-positive post-test counseling session with a certified HIV counselor at a Registered HIV Testing Site in Miami-Dade County. Role playing is not accepted for this practicum. Please send in your practicums yourselves, supervisors/managers can be copied

For training information please contact Lori Jordahl, STD/HIV Program Consultant, at or (305) 575-5436.

HIV/AIDS 500/501 - Prerequisite and pre-registration form


Annual participation is required for recertification of all HIV counselors and testers in the county and state. Recertification is required to continue HIV testing.

This training is only available to certified HIV Testing Counselors.

All counselors need to pre-register themselves. We are not accepting/managers requests or sharing computers with others including those not pre-registered. You will have to have filled out the final link to your registration 3 days before the 501 Update training so that our guest speaker will have the registration list and how many participants they will have. No late requests will be accepted.

You must attend the entire training to get credit for attending. Attendance is monitored and those joining late, not participating, or leaving early will not get credit. You must be able to speak and participate in online chats and/or polls. Certificates will be emailed to you directly.

If you missed the expiration date on your certificate, you will have to retake the HIV/AIDS 500-501 training (you will not have to do the Practicum again unless it has been more than 3 years since you had an update) and after you complete this, you will then have to attend a virtual live 501 Update session within 60 days to be up to date with your certification.

Please fill out the pre-registration form and pick a date from the drop-down list.

If you have any questions please contact Lori Jordahl, STD/HIV Program Consultant, at or (305) 575-5436.

Rapid HIV/HCV Trainings (ON-DEMAND)

These trainings are only available to certified HIV Testing Counselors. When you have registered, you will be sent an email with instructions specific to the online training course you are registered for. The materials and/or links will be included. Some will have videos and quizzes you must pass.

There will also be a practicum. This gives you an opportunity to work with a certified rapid HIV/HCV testing counselor on the brand of the training you are taking at your site running the controls and doing the testing until you feel comfortable doing it yourself. All training requirements need to be completed within 60 days.

If you have any questions, please contact Sandra Estevez at or (305) 710-5512.